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Government Of Assam Home & Political State Police Accountabilty Commission

General Guidelines / Directions

In the  cases directly  inquired by  the  Commission,  it  may, upon completion  of  the  inquiry,  communicate  its  findings  to  the  Director General of Police of the State and the State Government with a direction to:

(a) register a First Information Report; and/or

(b) initiate departmental action based on such findings, duly forwarding the evidence collected by it to the police. Such directions of the Commission shall be binding: Provided  that  the  Commission,  before  finalizing  its  own opinion  in  all  such  cases  shall  give  the  Director  General  of Police of the State an opportunity to present the Department’s view and additional facts, if any not already in the notice of the Commission:    

Provided further that, in such cases, the Commission may review its findings upon receipt of additional information from the  Director General of Police of the State that may have a material bearing on the case.